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Offering Bay Street legal services in Burlington

Frederikse Law

Value. When people think of lawyers, value is not often the first thing that comes to mind. However, value is what you receive at Frederikse Law. Our experience in litigation matters helps us to guide you around the landmines that can exist in your real estate, commercial transactions, commercial leasing and will and estates matters. Those landmines can lead to frustration about the process, high legal bills and expensive litigation. The value to our clients is in educating them about their legal situation, negotiating in a cost-effective manner, and keeping them out of the courtroom. That way, they can concentrate on what they value, whether it is their newly acquired real estate, their business or the peace of mind knowing that their wishes will be carried out after their death. Frederikse Law also offers paralegal services for traffic tickets and Small Claims Court matters. Our paralegal is licensed with the Law Society of Upper Canada. She can help you deal with that pesky traffic ticket that can cause you to lose time from work and increase your insurance premiums. She can also assist with your Small Claims Court action.  

About Barbara Frederikse

With over 19 years of legal experience, including 14 spent on Toronto’s famous Bay Street, Barbara brings a wealth of knowledge to the practice of law in Burlington. She applies a common sense approach to the law, putting her clients’ interests first, giving practical and cost effective solutions in corporate/commercial transactions, real estate, commercial leasing, and wills and estates. Barbara is a lawyer that you will like, and can trust.  As part of her other job, raising her 3 growing boys, Barbara has put in many hours with aspiring hockey players through her years as a minor hockey coach and trainer. You can often find her anywhere fun is to be had; whether at a trampoline park or in the great outdoors helping to find all manner of insects, amphibians and reptiles! She aspires to instill in her boys her love of cycling. A proud member of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, the Halton County Law Association, and the Hamilton Law Association. Barbara is a strong supporter of Burlington, Oakville and Halton Region. Barbara also serves on the Board of Directors for Nelson Youth Centres, the Membership Committee for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, and the Good Morning Oakville Committee with the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.  

About Vanessa Pereira 

Vanessa Pereira is a paralegal, licenced with the Law Society of Upper Canada. Vanessa became a licenced paralegal in part because of her love of modified cars. Vanessa specializes in traffic offences because she can relate. She can relate to being pulled over and given a ticket and not knowing what options are available. She can relate to not knowing whether she stands a chance fighting a traffic ticket. She can relate to not wanting to take days off from work to sit in a court room waiting for her name to be called. She can relate to being involved in an unfamiliar process and feeling that she did not have any other option but to agree to whatever “deal” was being offered. She can relate to wanting someone to give her a helping hand. Now Vanessa is that helping hand. She will deal with the unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming process for you, so that you do not have to choose between taking time off from work to fight a ticket, or risk increased insurance premiums. Vanessa can relate, which is why helping you is her passion.    

About Rick Burgess

Rick Burgess is a pillar of Burlington, having practiced law in downtown Burlington for approximately 15 years, all the while serving the community by acting as a director for numerous organizations in the arts, business, education, and philanthropic organizations. Rick started practicing law with a national law firm on Bay Street before taking a 6-year hiatus from law to become a business owner himself. As the owner and operator of a small business, Rick gained first-hand knowledge of the goals, achievements and satisfaction of owning your own business, as well as the challenges and frustrations that small business owners face. Rick has provided business law solutions to all manner of businesses over the years. He has serviced national and multi-national corporations, helping them acquire new business units and complete complex financing arrangements. However, Rick’s core clientele consists of small and medium sized owner-operator businesses. The lawyers and staff of Frederikse Law are thrilled to be able to work with Rick. Rick will be offering his extensive knowledge and experience as counsel to the firm while he gradually transitions into retirement. Rick’s track record of community service is so impressive, that it needs its own page! Rick’s Track Record IMG_5098